Application areas - Limited by your imagination

Financial industry

  • Electronic B2C communication
  • Electronic invoices
  • Tracking of complex transactions
  • Trusted services


  • Overall access of essential medical documents
  • Secure sharing of authentic medical records
  • Anonymised collection of second opinions

Commerce & Logistic

  • Track and trace of transactions, goods and products
  • Secure sharing of confidential documents with the possibility to track them
  • Easy to use digital signature of documents even between parties in different countries

And many more...

Features of the system

Identification and authentication of documents and web contents by their contents at bit level and location.

Producing an authentic digital copy of an authenticated digital content, which is identical to the original by all means.

Producing an authentic paper based copy of an authentic digital one, which is stamped with an ADNS identification and authentication QR code.

Tracking the legitimate usage of the copies. Parameters that can be stored are: time, place, user, and device.

An electronic safe, where all the data can be stored or it can be saved anywhere that is desired.

Controlled, adjustable authorization service to access to the authenticated contents. The level of accessibility can allow authorize simple reading, authenticated download, download of an authenticated copy, etc.

Encrypting documents and web contents. The data can be stored encrypted or could be encrypted only for transmission in a message.

Safe, forgery proof and only accessible by you!

Keep all your official documents and data in an electronic safe - any kind of document, from a financial documents, e.g. contracts, securities, etc. and even your medical records - while you can access them anytime, from anywhere. It is still secure, protected for fraud and robbery.

Safe data, flexible and controlled sharing options

Your original document always stays in the safe. If you would like to share it, an authentic copy can be created. Each copy is unique and also contains (coded) information on who you shared it with, for what reason, and at what time. Different levels of accessibility can be allocated, for example simple reading as well as sharing rights.

You need a document in paper format?

No problem, it can be printed and also sealed or coded with a signature. It will also contain a code for authentication, so anyone with a simple QR code reader can verify the authenticity of the document - it will have the same authenticity as your digital copies.

Track and trace

You can always know who accesses the unique digital copy of your shared document from where and when. You can follow up the usage of your documents and keep the control of your information flow. You can set rules for if and when the recipient can download or share the document with others.

Use your digital signature anytime, anywhere!

You can authenticate your documents with your own digital signature - Loca Credibilia is an independent system separate from any existing governmental and/or financial organisations. It is accessible 24/7/365 globally through the internet.

Some words about us

Loca Credibilia, a unique authentication technology with outstanding security performance, which provides an electronic safe solution to securly deposit, store, manage, and handle confidental documents in a personalized way is developing by Intersoft Hungary. We're motivated and inspired every day to find creative solutions to business problems, develop breakthrough ideas, and stay connected to what is important to our customers.

We are committed to help our customers in a way that they can realize their full potential. We constantly update and improve our services and solution portfolio. Our goal is to accelerate new technologies as they emerge in order to serve our customers the best.

Meet our team


Péter Sütheő

Director of Research


Ádám Bosznay

Chief Scientific Advisor


Ferenc Várhelyi

Chief Software Developer


Ferenc Bölcskey

Senior IT Advisor


Alina Szűcs

Senior Software Developer


Binh Nguyen Thai

System Architect


József Szalai

Software Developer


Sándor Vass

IT Operations Team Leader

The Project

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 684849 to elaborate a proof of concept.

The technologies will be applied in Loca Credibilia are the results of two former R&D projects carried out by our company between 2010 and 2013:

  1. Development of a global SaaS for a highly secured consumer response system (granted by the Hungarian National Development Office, under the work program KMOP-1.1.1)
  2. Development of the  Attestation DataNet Service (ADNS) (granted by the Hungarian National Development Office, under the work program GOP-1.3.1/A)


Seal of Excellence for Loca Credibilia. Authentication, safe storage and controlled sharing of documents with new innovative solution, earned a Seal of Excellence on the Horizon 2020 SME Instruments. You can get more information about our success on the site (Hungarian).

Feel free to contact us

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